Saturday, 24 March 2018

Matthias Averlant wins promotional event

There was some Subbuteo action on Thursday in Templeuve, Belgium where a "promotional tournament" was held with a good field of 11 entries while three players were also present but not eligible to play. Matthias Averlant was the only player to win his four games and claimed the title. Averlant, who is still a U19 player, won the decisive game in the last session against Stéphane Lambert. Alain Flament was runner-up with 9 points and Stéphane Lambert took the third place. Congratulations to all aplayers for the fair-play and the positive spirtit.

Final standings:
1. Matthias Averlant
2. Alain Flament
3. Stéphane Lambert
4. Benoit Lagneau
5. Franck Santer
6. Jean-Luc Canfin
7. Eric Caillaux
8. Soan Marain
9. Florian Renaut
10. Julie Taquin
11. Benjamin Marain

Friday, 23 March 2018

Paolo Barone on top in Harrow

Italy's Paolo Barone took the honors in the recent WASPA tournament held in Harrow. Eight players competed in Swiss system and there were many close games. Paolo Barone only shared points with Elliot Bellefontaine to finish the evening with 10 points. Elliot was runner-up while Rudi Peterschinigg also finshed on the podium.

Final standings:
1. Paolo Barone
2. Elliot Bellefontaine
3. Rudi Peterschinigg
4. Neil Doherty
5. Paul Andreas
6. Lee Fenton
7. Victor Jones
8. Zoran Higgins

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Conan Mullen wins in Northern California

There was Subbuteo Action last week-end in Santa Rosa, California. Conan Mullen won a group of 4 to claim St Paddy's Day Tourney.
1. Conan Mullen 9 pts
2. Vincent Vidal 6 pts
3. Peter Vahle 3 pts
4. George Vassiliades 0 pt

Final Results:
George 0-4 Conan
Vincent 2-1 Peter
George 1-2 Peter
Vincent 0-3 Conan
George 0-1 Vincent
Peter 0-2 Conan

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Antonio Mettivieri wins in Auvelais

Last Friday the club of Charleroi was hosting a WASPA tournament in Auvelais. Ten players competed in Swiss system and after four sessions, Antoinio Mettivieri was claimed winner as he was the only one to win all games. Christophe Dheur was runner-up and Jérôme Heyvaert took the third place. Great job by the "Carolos" ;-)

Final standings:
1. Antonio Mettivieri
2. Christophe Dheur
3. Jérôme Heyvaert
4. Bruno Timpano
5. Richard Boulanger
6. Vincent Guyaux
7. Tony Timpano
8. Vito Di Ruggiero
9. Maxime Vanimpe
10. Michaël Hallin

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Report of Western Flickers TFC Waspa #22

Anthony Madiona takes the Open title
The St Patricks Day Handicap Event at Briffa Mansions

A hardy crew of 6 open and 6 juniors ventured to Briffa Mansions in Mernda in the outer northern suburbs of Melbourne for a new concept WASPA for Western Flickers; A handicap event.

Players were rated by our new handicapper Adrian Connolly based on previous results over the last few months.

With six players in each event, a round robin tournament was played.

Anthony leapt out to a lead in the tournament by winning his first 3 games, beating Benny, Steve and Christos in very tight games. After a loss to Simon, his lead had dropped to 2 points from both Simon and Steve and there were murmurings in the crowd about how, like his beloved Liverpool, he was about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Charlotte Wright won the Junior event
The final round games all took place at the same time. Anthony needed a win over Kevin to definitely win, but a loss or draw could let in both Steve and Simon. Steve was up against Christos and Simon was up against Benny. In a tense contest, Christos scored early to bring the score back to 1-1 and Simon conceded twice to even up his contest with Benny 2-2. With all 3 games finishing even, there would have been a shootout for 2nd, but benny scored in the final minute to beat Simon 3-2. Steve drew and Anthony held out for his first WASPA win. (This writer is reminded of the West Germany v Austria game at the World Cup in Spain in 1982 and would like to see a video of the Kevin v Anthony game to see if they both tried!!!!!)

Over in the Junior event, Charlotte dominated winning all 5 of her games. Billy gained some excellent results too and despite his early loss to sister Charlotte, battled through to finish second. If Dad Steve could have won his last game then the much fabled “Wrightwash” might have been possible. Alex battled hard to finish with 3 wins and 9 points in 3rd place.

All in all a sensational day of handicapped table football giving every competitor a chance to come out on top. Special mention must be made of the hospitality of Simon and Jennifer who opened up their house and catered magnificently. Thank you guys.

So onwards to the Victorian Championships in April. All Victorian based players can enter and we hope to see you all there.

Action in Knighton and Drury

Players in Drury
There was a lot of action this week-end in Wales with two events being played in Knighton and Drury. The Knighton tournament had a small field of four with every player meeting each other twice. After six sessions Dan Nicholls finished on top with 16 points while Danny Bird was runner-up, Tom Taylor took the third place and Kenny Evans finished in fourth position.

Trevor Schott taking the honors
The Sunday event in Drury was supposed to be attended by 16 players but because of the snow only 10 players could make it. After the group stage (two groups of five), the quarter-finals saw no surprise and in the end, Trevor Schott won his second consecutive tournament after defeating Brian Daley in the final. Martin Blanchard and Cayne Matthews reached the semi-finals. Dave Kelly won the final for 5th place while Mark Tilling won the plate against Clive Schott. It was a nice day of Subbuteo. Huge thanks to London Road Subbuteo Club for hosting.

The next London Road tournament will be held on April 29 in Drury.

Monday, 19 March 2018

March event coming up in Pretoria

David Young wins in Prague - Welcome Russia

First Russian appearance int he WASPA circuit with Galina Rudkina

During the FISTF Satellite of Prague, a WASPA tournament was played by six players with a group stage and a knock-our round. David Young defeated Jiri Uchytil (3-0) in the final while 13 years old Viktor Katona from Hungary defeated Miklos Szekely in the game for the third place.

The tournament saw also the first appearance of Galina Rudkina, the first representative of Russia in the WASPA circuit. We are very pleased to see Russia being part of the show! Welcome!

Picture (left): Jiri Uchytil, David Young, organizer Marco Zucchi and Viktor Katona.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

TFAS CUP 2018 Consolation Plates WASPA

After a round of tense and interesting group games in the TFAS Cup 2018, the players who were knocked out after the group stages were automatically eligible for the Plates WASPA.
Eight players were knocked out of the 16-player tournament. A series knockout rounds followed.  Antonio Carabillo and Den Mulia reached the final of the WASPA, with Den winning 2-1.

The results are as follows:

QF Antonio Carabillo 3-0 Hugh Best
QF Nic Tan 3-2 Isaac Lim
QF Fauzi Ghani 3-1 Irwan Iskandar
QF Rizal Taib 1-5 Den Mulia

SF Antonio Carabillo 1-0 Nic Tan
SF Fauzi Ghani 0-3 Den Mulia

F Antonio Carabillo 1-2 Den Mulia

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Canberra tournament - March 2018

Four of our finest Western Flickers made the 8 hour drive to Australia’s capital to participate in the Canberra TFC WASPA #2.
It was an awesome fun evening of flicking with our Canberra hosts - Ryan Farrall and Nick Brill. CTFC pioneer Yago unfortunately could not join us due to flight issues from Sydney.
The tournament was played over 1 10 minute period in a round robin format with no draws allowed. 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss. Draws were resolved by a sudden death shootout, 2 points for winning the shootout, 1 point for losing.
Despite fading light and the attack of the killer mozzies, everyone played well and there was little to split the players. This was reflected in the tight scores with several matches requiring a shootout to determine the winner.
In the end, pre-tournament favourite Benny very narrowly won the WASPA over club mate Steve Wright by just a single point !
Most importantly everyone had a great time, new friendships formed and there were jokes and laughter all around. Table Football was the true winner !
Finally, Western Flickers TFC would like to thank CTFC for being wonderful hosts and we wish them the best of luck growing the game in our nations capital.

Results (Shootout winner indicated by an "S" after name)
Arjuna Hanafi 0-0 Ryan Farrell (S)
Benny Ng 0-0 Nick Brill (S)
Steve Wright 1-0 Tony Madiona
Ryan Farrell 0-2 Benny Ng
Nick Brill 0-1 Steve Wright
Tony Madiona 0-1 Arjuna Hanafi
Ryan Farrell 0-2 Nick Brill
Arjuna Hanafi 0-1 Benny Ng
Ryan Farrell 0-0 Tony Madiona (S)
Benny Ng 2-0 Steve Wright
Nick Brill 2-0 Tony Madiona
Steve Wright 1-0 Arjuna Hanafi
Benny Ng 1-0 Tony Madiona
Arjuna Hanafi 0-1 Nick Brill
Ryan Farrell 0-1 Steve Wight

Final Table 
Benny Ng (WTF)          13pts
Steve Wright (WTF)     12pts
Nick Brill (NFTFC)        11pts
Arjuna Hanafi (WTF)      4pts
Ryan Farrell (CTFC)       3pts
Tony Madiona (WTF)      2pts

(Report by Steve Wright)